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Metals & materials

Find high-purity Alfa Aesar metals and materials that meet the varying demands of high-technology applications. They’re available in more than 30 forms, including: wires, sheets, foils, slugs, and powders.

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High Purity Inorganics

Our high-purity inorganics include chemicals and materials manufactured to exacting standards for research, development, and production.

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Specpure® standards

Specpure® standards comprise our comprehensive offering of spectrochemical analytical standard solutions. Specpure standards are designed for unsurpassed in accuracy, purity and quality.

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The portfolio includes a full range of catalysts, precious metal salts, and solutions manufactured to stringent specifications and available in a range of purities and concentrations.

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Organometallic compounds

Oxygen heterocycles


About Alfa Aesar

Our Alfa Aesar line offers over 40,000 research chemicals, metals and materials for a wide range of applications. Our areas of specialization include high-purity metals, compounds for organic synthesis, building blocks, and standards. We supply high-purity raw materials in sizes from gram-scale catalogitems to semi-bulk and bulk production quantities, produced and packaged to your specifications, with over 50 years of production experience.