About Indicators, Papers & Stains

Indicators are reagents used to determine the specified end point in a chemical reaction, to measure hydrogen-ion concentration (pH), or to indicate that a desired change in pH has been achieved.

Chemical reactions and the status of a reaction can be monitored by changes in the color of the indicator.

pH indicators, redox indicators and complexometric indicators are normally used for titration of chemical solutions. pH indicators are frequently employed in analytical chemistry to determine the extent of a chemical reaction.

We offer a variety of stains in powder and as solutions, which are used in clinical applications histology, cytology, hematology, microbiology.

Indicator papers: The acidity or basicity of a solution is defined as the pH. A myriad of commercial protocols for textile, leather, dyes, chemicals, process water and waste water analysis rely on the routine determination of this critical measurement. A color change in an indicator dye can be used to give a pH measurement of a solution. This color change is matched against a color chart to provide the pH value.

Indicator paper


•   Ready to use

•   Packed in pocket friendly (Kangaroo) plastic case

•   Distinct color for each pH value

•   Manufactured using high-quality paper

•   Contain special indicator dyes that are covalently bound to paper

•   The individually supplied color scale helps ensure you get easy and accurate results every time

•   Designed for consistent (reproducible) results each time

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The wide range of stains from the Qualigens portfolio enables you to explore all the indicators you need for your application from a single source.

We offer a variety of stains for monitoring chemical status, change in reaction or the end-point of a titration.

•   Indicator solution

•   Stain solution

•   Staining powder

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