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A comprehensive portfolio of over 80,000 catalog and custom solutions.

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Consistent, high-quality research chemicals and bioreagents

From chemical synthesis, to material science, analytical chemistry and life science, you will find over 80,000 reagents, building blocks, solvents, solutions and materials in convenient pack sizes with specifications suitable for your experiments. We focus on evolving trends in organic and inorganic synthesis, material science and analytical chemistry to support research, development and production activities through our extensive catalog and custom offerings.

Our products are suitable for use in the following laboratory types:

Go beyond the catalog with our bulk and custom chemicals

When you have unique or specialized requirements, save time and resources by turning to our custom, bulk, testing, and packaging solutions. We manufacture and source a broad selection of chemicals that can be tailored to meet your research and development needs. Leverage our expertise and supply chain to access the quality reagents you need for your experiments.

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Organic Chemistry Lab

With over 40,000 organic chemicals, we can help when you need functional reagents that transform starting molecules, essentails that create the right reaction conditions, moisture sensitive reagents, or a broad range of building blocks. We also offer products for preparation, purification and analysis of organic compounds.

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Acroseal packaging for air- and moisture-sensitive chemicals is a story of 25 years of innovation supporting simpler and safer chemistry.

Applied Chemistry and Material Science Lab

Manufactured to exacting standards for basic and applied research, our inorganics, catalyst and high-purity metals can be used to synthesize compounds and a broad range of materials for applications such as energy, electronics, and battery development.

Use our interactive periodic table to filter, learn about, and navigate to the element of your choice.

Life Science

Whether you are looking for essential reagents prequalified for molecular biology, protein chemistry, and cell biology, or libraries and collections of diverse drug-like molecules designed to accelerate the drug discovery process, we can support your experiments. We also offer a broad range of bioactive molecules from antibiotics to amino acids and signal transduction reagents.

Our life sciences portfolio focuses on high-quality reagents and biochemicals to support academic and biotech research.

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Salts and Inorganics

Inorganics are elements and compounds, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonates, cyanides, cyanates, and carbides, that do not contain a carbon-hydrogen bond. This group also includes carbon allotropes such as graphite and graphene.

Because organic chemicals include only those that contain carbon atoms bonded to hydrogen atoms, the majority of elements in the periodic table and most substances in the material world are inorganic chemicals.

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New Products
Try our top-selling and innovative new products for experiments in your laboratory.

S60610 B21250.0E A16046
RNase and DNase free water Guanidine thiocyanate, 99% Triton X-100
Resources New Products

1. Water for Life Science research.

Nuclease and protease free water is specially designed keeping in mind the scientists dealing with challenges of working with RNA, DNA isolation or purification steps.

CAS No. Product Code Product Name Pack Size Specifications
7732-18-5 S60610 Rnase,Dnase-free water 500mL Download
7732-18-5 S71789-PI Water Protease Free Mol Bio 200L 200L Download
7732-18-5 S70783 DEPC Treated Water 500mL Download

2. Sodium hydroxide, 50% w/w aq. soln. (low metal content) for analysis & research

Sodium hydroxide, 50% w/w aq. solution is used as a chemical reactant or neutralization agent in various industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, pulp and paper, metal and food industries and soap and detergent manufacturing. It is also used in the manufacture of synthetic fabrics such as rayon and also for manufacturing food products. It is utilized for pH adjustment and formation of in situ sodium methylate in bioethanol and biodiesel processing.

CAS No. Product Code Product Name Pack Size Specifications
1310-73-2 033382-22 Sodium hydroxide, 50% w/w aq. soln. 100G 100g Download
1310-73-2 S19199-22 Sodium hydroxide 50% w/w solution With low Metal Content 100g Download

3. Gold Chloride (Tetra chloroauric (III) acid, trihydrate)

It is used for microanalysis of rubidium, cesium and in the determination of alkaloids. Usually used as a harbinger for the preparation of gold (Au) nanoparticles. It is also used in the control rods of nuclear reactors and in the manufacturing of electric light filaments.

CAS No. Product Code Product Name Pack Size Specifications
16961-25-4 S61755-06 Gold Chloride 5G (Chloroauric Acid) 5g Download

4. n-Butyllithium (1.6M and 2.5M in Hexane ) for research and synthesis for Pharmaceutical and Industrial applications

N-butyl lithium solution is mainly used for pharmaceutical intermediates of organic synthesis of anionic polymerization initiator and used in synthetic rubber, essence and liquid. Commercial importance is in the use of butyl lithium to produce styrene-butadiene polymers.

CAS No. Product Code Product Name Pack Size Specifications
109-72-8 S14775-AE n-Butyllithium, 2.5M in hexane 100mL Download
109-72-8 S14775-BE n-Butyllithium, 2.5M in hexane 800mL Download
109-72-8 S13559-AE n-Butyllithium, 1.6M in hexane 100mL Download
109-72-8 S13559-9Z n-Butyllithium, 1.6M in hexane 800mL Download

5. Triton® X-100 Detergent and Dispersing agent for healthcare, Diagnostic ,Pharma and Bio-Pharma applications

Detergent, equivalent to Nonidet P-40.Triton|r X-100 is used as a non-ionic detergent, emulsifier and dispersing agent. It is useful for isolation of membrane proteins. It is also used in electrophoresis. It t finds applications in the dispersion of carbon materials for soft composite materials and restricting colony expansion in Aspergillus nidulans in microbiology

CAS No. Product Code Product Name Pack Size Specifications
9002-93-1 A16046-AE TRITON X-100 100ML 100mL Download
9002-93-1 A16046-AP TRITON X-100 500ML 500mL Download
9002-93-1 S10655-K2 TRITON X-100 1Liter 1L Download