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High purity Solvents, Reagents, standards, and trace metal acids for quality analysis.

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Named Reactions in Organic Chemistry

Learn about the history, reaction mechanisms, and applications of organic chemistry reactions that are named after the chemists that discovered them. Includes videos, eBooks, supporting product links, and other resources.

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Bringing Chemistry to Life Podcast

Bringing chemistry to life podcast

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Worried about NDMA analysis?

You can rely on Fisher Chemicals LC/MS solvents for high-resolution LC/MS analyses

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Looking for extra dry solvents?

Discover our AcroSeal™ solvents in a specially designed AcroSeal™ Packaging over molecular sieves

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“Email Cart” helps you to share your chosen products via email with your fellow scientists, purchase managers or anyone in your buying journey.

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The battery research is evolving quickly!

Develop new high-performance materials or improve the performances of the existing one with Thermo Scientific Chemicals!

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