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Learn General safety elements & practices in Laboratory

Learn general safety elements & practices in the laboratory

Topics included:

  • Accident/incident prevention
  • Identify hazards & risk management
  • Safe practices, dos & don’ts
    with chemical handling & storage
  • Personal protective equipment's
  • Fire safety & emergency preparedness
ICP-MS Sample Preparation - USP <232> <233> guidelines

ICP-MS sample preparation—USP <232> <233> guidelines

Topics included:

  • Sample preparation guidelines for ICP-MS
  • USP<232><233>, ICH Q3D guidelines
  • Choosing the right reagents and standards for ICP MS Analyses
Production Chemicals - “EXCIQ”

Production chemicals—EXCIQ

Topics included:

  • Documentation details
  • Product and supply capabilities
Importance of Ultra-Pure Water for Analytical Methods

Importance of ultra-pure water for analytical methods

Topics included:

  • TOC interference in HPLC/MS/ICPMS and recommended solutions
  • Conductivity/pH role in analytical chemistry and for dissolution buffer preparation
  • How ultrapure water can enhance column life; sample preparation techniques such as SPE/LLE

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