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Chromatography Solvents

Chromatography technique is widely applied in research and development, pharmaceutical quality control and environmental analysis.

Diverse chromatography requirements have led us to look for ways to improve our purification processes and to develop a series of solvents and buffers that meet the needs of specific instrumentation.


Ideal high purity mobile phase additive for HPLC applications

TFA is a common mobile phase additive used in HPLC for protein & peptide separations.
It is a strong ion pairing agent used to improve retention time.

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Tetrahydrofuran Unstabilized for HPLC

Known as THF, it has the ability to dissolve both polar and non-polar chemical compounds and is an effective mobile phase for HPLC.

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Triethyl amine for Chromatography

Available in convenient pack sizes.

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Sodium phosphate, monobasic dihydrate, for HPLC

Sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate acts as buffering capacity reagent in chromatography. It is used in the preparation of buffers.

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Phosphoric acid, for HPLC

Phosphoric acid, for analysis, 85 wt% solution in water, ACROS Organics™

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GC Solvents


Gas Chromatography Solvents for Pesticides and Residue analysis

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Dried Solvents

Dried solvents of highest purity and with lowest water content for moisture-sensitive applications. Our septum seal cap helps protect the integrity of the solution before, during, and after removal.


Dried solvents for moisture-sensitive applications

Dried solvents of highest purity and with lowest water content Septum seal cap helps protect the integrity of the solution before, during, and after removal.

• Acetone

• Acetonitrile

• Chloroform

• Dichloromethane

• N,N dimethyl formamide

• Di Methyl Sulfoxide

• 2-Propanol

• Tetrahydrofuran

• Toluene

• 1,4-Dioxane

• Diethyl ether

• Ethyl Acetate

• N N Dimethyl Acetamide

• Cyclohexane

Labolene Cleaning solutions


Trusted cleaning solution for More than 30 years!!

• Labolene Phosphate free 

• Labolene Neutral

ACS Grade Reagents


ACS Grade Solvents

All products meet requirement of the current edition of American Chemical Society (ACS)

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• Methanol ER

• Chloroform ER

• Diethyl ether ER

• 1,4-Dioxan (ER)

• iso-Octane (ER)

• iso-Propyl alcohol (ER)

• N-butyl alcohol (ER)

Other Applications


Eschka’s Mixture

Comprised of two parts magnesium oxide and one part anhydrous sodium carbonate; Eschka's mixture is used as a fusion mixture for determining sulfur concentration in coal.

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A useful synthetic intermediate and a metabolite of phenylurea herbicide isoproturon. It is used in the hydroamination of phenylacetylene.

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Tetrahydroxydiboron, 95%

An efficient borylating reagent which can be used to borylate a wide variety of aryl and heteroaryl substrates with low Pd- and Ni-catalyst loads.

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Azomethine H ER

Azomethine - H is a reagent used for the colorimetric determination of boron in soil, plants, composts, manure, water and nutrient solutions

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Tween® 20 (Polysorbate 20)

Tween ® 20 is a polyoxyethylene sorbitol ester that belongs to the polysorbate family. It is a nonionic detergent widely used in biochemical applications.

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