Dried solvents Suskasol


Introducing SuskaSol™

SuskaSol™: “Suska” in sanskrit means dried, Sol – stands for solvent

Tetrahydrofuran, Dichloromethane, Dimethylformamide, Chloroform, Acetonitrile, Methanol, Diethyl ether and Toluene are all commonly used solvents and in many cases they are required in anhydrous form. Some organic synthesis or preparations are sensitive towards moisture. SuskaSol™ Dried solvents are ideally suited for applications like DNA/RNA synthesis, peptide and organic synthesis. SuskaSol™ Dried solvents offers the highest standards of purity with low water content suitable for demanding laboratory applications.

SuskaSol™ Dried solvents are produced using specially selected distillation methods that ensure consistently high dryness and batch-to-batch consistency.

Our rigorous process of purification and removal of moisture provides ideal solvents to be used for chemical reactions where moisture content is critical.


Highest quality with low water content

Packed under Nitrogen to ensure constant and high level of dryness

Convenient pack size of 500 mL to avoid wastage

Batch to batch consistency

Dried solvents flyer Revised
Product Code Product Name CAS Number Pack Size
Q33015 Acetone SuskaSol™ (Dried) 67-64-1 500 mL
Q33155 Acetonitrile SuskaSol™ (Dried) 75-05-08 500 mL
Q33025 Chloroform SuskaSol™ (Dried) 67-66-3 500 mL
Q33035 Cyclohexane SuskaSol™ (Dried) 110-82-7 500 mL
Q33085 Dichloromethane SuskaSol™ (Dried) 75-09-2 500 mL
Q33045 Diethyl Ether SuskaSol™ (Dried) 60-29-7 500 mL
Q33165 Dimethyl Sulfoxide SuskaSol™ (Dried) 67-68-5 500 mL
Q33055 Dimethylformamide SuskaSol™ (Dried) 68-12-2 500 mL
Q33095 1,4 Dioxan SuskaSol™ (Dried) 123-91-1 500 mL
Q33105 Ethyl Acetate SuskaSol™ (Dried) 141-78-6 500 mL
Q33185 Methanol SuskaSol™ (Dried) 67-56-1 500 mL
Q33115 Iso Octane SuskaSol™ (Dried) 540-84-1 500 mL
Q33125 Iso-Propyl Alcohol (Propan-2-ol) SuskaSol™ (Dried) 67-63-0 500 mL
Q33135 Tetrahydrofuran SuskaSol™ (Dried) 109-99-9 500 mL
Q33145 Toluene SuskaSol™ (Dried) 108-88-3 500 mL