Q. Why is the brand changing?
A. We are consolidating our chemicals (Acros Organics, Maybridge, Alfa Aesar, and Thermo Scientific) under a single brand (Thermo Scientific) in order to streamline our supply chain and to improve product availability. In parallel with rebranding, we are releasing our chemicals on our company website, thermofisher.in/chemicals, making it easier to purchase our chemicals in more locations. 
Q. Are the products changing?
A. There will not be any change to the product composition, technical specifications, or product source. There will be some changes to the product packaging: most caps will be changing to red and all labels will be updated to a single style with Thermo Scientific branding.
Q. Will the Acros Organics and Alfa Aesar product codes remain the same?
A. Overall, our original product codes will remain the same. 

Q. When will we start receiving shipments with new labels?
A. The new labeling will start to appear in late October. For a transitional period of approximately 9-12 months, you may receive a mix of Thermo Scientific, Acros Organics, and Alfa Aesar labeled products in the same shipment. This will progressively become less common as the volume of newly labeled product increases. You will continue to see a mix of labeling for our chemical products until inventory is depleted of Acros Organics and Alfa Aesar-labeled product.
Q. Are the products handled and shipped in any different way?
A. There are no changes planned to handling or shipping as part of the chemical brand consolidation.
Q. Where do I find Acros Organics and Alfa Aesar products going forward?
A. You will find Acros Organics and Alfa Aesar products on the same websites and from the same distributors moving forward. Starting in late 2021, you will find the relabeled versions of Acros Organics and Alfa Aesar chemicals. You can find these products on India Chemicals Website with same product codes from late October 2021 at thermofisher.in/chemcials under “Thermo Scientific page“.
 Q. Can I still buy from my preferred distributor?
 You can continue to buy our chemicals from a range of distributors and websites. We do not have any distributor changes planned as part of the brand consolidation. We will inform customers directly if they are impacted by a distributor change. 
Q. Are you discontinuing Acros Organics or Alfa Aesar products?
A. In most cases you will be able to keep using the same products you are familiar with. We will discontinue products to reduce duplications, overlaps, and products requested very rarely, and will offer an alternative if one is available. We welcome your feedback on specific product needs and can offer custom sourcing and formats to address gaps.
Q. Is the product documentation changing?
A. Document layouts will change slightly to align with branding changes. The content and the technical details of our product documents are not changing.
Q. Where can I find SDS and CoA?
A. MSDS and COAs will remain available on the various websites. Products being released on thermofisher.in/chemicals  will include the SDS and COAs as applicable