GC Solvents

Solvent Use in Gas Chromatography:

Unlike liquid chromatography (LC), solvents are almost never injected directly into a gas chromatograph (GC)

They are used to extract the mixtures of interest to allow the subsequent GC analysis. Even though they are not being injected directly into the instrument, the purity of the extraction solvent needs to match that needed by the detector, like in LC.

Qualigens GC Solvents are supplied with GC analysis & are specially developed and tested for use with Electron capture detector (ECD) and flame ionization detector (FID)

Our solvents are developed specially for sample preparation in GC. Ideally suited for all GC applications including sensitive detection tasks in residue and environmental analysis.

Our GC solvent qualities are ideal for all gas chromatography applications. Solvents range specified for pharma, pesticides and petroleum residues analysis.

Qualigens GC solvents offer you the security and reliability needed for today’s GC applications

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Key Features:

  • Specified for ECD and FID detectors
  • Extremely low residual impurities
  • Supplied with Certificate of Analysis


  • Pesticide analysis
  • Organic residue analysis
  • Pharma

Product Name Product Code Pack size List Price
Acetone GC Grade 500ML Q48205 500ML 1345
Acetonitrile GC Grade 500ML Q48305 500ML 1440
Chloroform GC Grade 500ML Q48405 500ML 1775
Cyclohexane GC Grade 500ML Q48505 500ML 1510
Dichloromethane GC Grade 500ML Q49005 500ML 1325
Ethyl Acetate GC Grade 500 ML Q48005 500ML 1310
Iso Propyl alcohol GC Grade 500ML Q48105 500ML 1075
Methanol GC Grade 500ML Q48605 500ML 930
N-Heptane GC Grade 500ML Q48905 500ML 1765
n-Hexane 99% GC Grade 500ML Q47905 500ML 1580
Tetrahydrofuran GC Grade 500ML Q48705 500ML 1900
Toluene GC Grade 500ML Q48805 500ML 1025