Increase accuracy in your analysis

Qualigens offers high-purity chromatography solvents for analytical applications for improved accuracy

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Pharmacopeia-grade production chemicals

Introducing pharmacopeia-grade chemicals, compliant to IP/BP/Ph Eur/USP, manufactured in a GMP facility

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Bulk and custom chemical solutions

We support your work from beginning to end with custom options and package sizes ranging from small 25 kg containers to 200 liter drums.

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Learning center

Explore our programs and services for hassle-free lab management so that you can focus all of your time on performing research.

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Chromatography solvents—HPLC solvents

Qualigens offers high-purity chromatography solvents for analytical applications for improved accuracy

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Acids—mineral acids

Mineral acids tend to be soluble in water and insoluble in organic solvents. Commonly used mineral acids in laboratories range from super acids like perchloric acid to weak acids like boric acid. Qualigens™ offers wide range of Mineral acids to meet your demands.

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Inorganic salts

Inorganics are elements and compounds that do not contain a carbon-hydrogen bond. Salts are simple binary ionic compounds and are among the simplest inorganic compounds.

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New products

We hold innovation very close to our hearts. Take a look at our ever-expanding product line to learn what's new.

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About Qualigens

Qualigens is committed to provide Quality Products to our customers.

Qualigens™ chemicals are manufactured in India at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility certified by FDA (GMP/Schedule-M) & accredited with ISO 9001:20015 certification.

Qualigens™ range of chemicals comprises of Solvents, Inorganic Salts, Acids and Laboratory Detergent, Karl Fischer Reagents, Indicators & Stains, pH Papers & Quaternary Ammonium Compounds available in variable pack sizes to meet Laboratory and production requirements.

We have recently launched our ExciQ™ range of pharmacopeia grade chemicals compliant to IP/BP/Ph/USP. These products are also backed by regulatory documentation such as technical package with relevant certification (TSE/BSE, GMO). We also support in QA process such as quality audits, vendor qualification documents and many more.