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We understand that it has been a uniquely challenging time for our customers over the last few months, both professionally and personally, and we’d like to help make up for lost time and ease the transition back. When you are ready to return to your lab, please consider the resources below, including our back to the lab guide and our lab chemicals ordering checklist, which highlight some of the factors to take into account as you plan your return to the lab and your research. You can count on our broad selection of high-quality chemicals and reagents being in stock and ready to go as you plan your next steps.

Laboratory Chemicals Checklist

This ordering checklist can help you jumpstart your experiments when you come back to your lab. We’ve included key product areas across organic, inorganic, applied, analytical, and life science laboratories.

Download the Laboratory Chemicals Checklist

Comeback Lab Guide

This guide is meant to help you confidently resume your important work, even in these challenging times before you head to the lab, once you’re in the lab and preparing to get work started, and before setting up your first experiment.

Download the Comeback Lab Guide

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Our chemical account managers are here to help with any questions about expired reagents or stock needed to get your experiments up and running quickly.

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Other resources and product areas that may be relevant to your start up activities:

Thermo Scientific

A constant flow of innovation for research and development
Find fine chemicals, metals, and catalysts for a wide range of applications among Thermo Scientific’s 70000 SKUs
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Thermo Scientific, Fisher Chemical & Fisher Bioreagents

Find exactly what you need from our portfolio of more than 800 high-purity solvents for LC/MS, HPLC, UHPLC/MS, gas chromatography, and spectrometry. Learn more. Download our Solvents Application Guide.

Our Fisher Chemical products are available here.

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