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Oxidation reagents

Explore our 'classic' oxidation reagents—chromium-based, manganese-based and osmium-based—which have been used for many years and still find utility today. Start collecting your classics in a handy and exclusive oxidation reagents map.

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SAR building blocks

Enhance the productivity and innovativeness of your structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies with new tools from Acros Organics.

Explore diverse range of scaffolds, building blocks and advanced intermediates, coupling agents, acids, bases and solvents.

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AcroSeal Product images - 22 Feb 23

AcroSeal products

When using air- and moisture-sensitive solvents and reagents, AcroSeal packaging helps ensure that you have access to high-quality and low-moisture products with every use, guaranteeing improved yield and consistency of your research experiments while reducing chemical waste.

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Grignard reagents

Organomagnesium halides of the general structure R-Mg-X, with R= Alkyl, alkenyl or Aryl and X= Halogen, are called Grignard reagents after their inventor. They are extremely valuable and widely used synthetic tools, mainly as carbanions in nucleophilic additions and substitution-reactions but also in a range of other transformations.

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About Acros Organics

Our Acros Organics line includes more than 30,000 products for organic, medicinal, analytical and biological chemistry. We deliver consistent, high-quality organics and fine chemicals at great savings, including off-the-shelf sizes as well as custom sourcing and manufacturing, and technology partnerships.

We offer a range of solvent grades from standard, to molecular sieve, to supreme that are suitable for applications ranging from spectroscopy to residue analysis to electronics. Our innovative AcroSeal packaging protects organic solvents and pyrophoric and hazardous reagents that are air- and moisture-sensitive.

Our products can be found in the enhanced structure search tool or by browsing key categories and our product pages. You will find product specifications, typical applications and physical properties, and safety and handling information with GHS statements.